Areas covered include: the customer's first impression; customer paradigms; listening to the customer; finding out who the customer really is; how rumors get started and spread; the importance of telephone greeting messages; dealing with telephone tag; telephone communications; understanding what the customer really wants; characteristics of successful customer service; customer service diseases; developing your personal improvement plan; personalities of potential buyers; types of customers; customer complaints; tips for selling your product or service; positive and negative words; winning and losing the customer; logic vs emotion in selling. Make it easy for employees to provide great customer service with this collection of motivating and skill-building activities. Every topic critical to customer service is addressed in five convenient parts: Communication; Phone Power; Customer Service Skills; Customer Service Strategies; Achieving Results. The fun and easy-to-use activities incorporate exercises, questionnaires, quizzes, facts, role plays, philosophies, characterizations, profiles, assessments, strategies, surveys, matrices, and other tools. Most can be completed in 15-30 minutes.

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