Few regiments in the British army played such a prominent and widespread part in the Second World War as the Durham Light Infantry. This is the full official account of the 8th battalion of the regiment's role in the conflict in which the DLI in general, and the 8th battalion in particular, more than upheld its long and proud traditions : in the words of the foreword to this book by Lt.Gen. Sir Brian Horrocks, who had the 8th DLI under his command both in North Africa and in Europe : ''Every man that served in this great battalion can say to himself with pride, "I did more than my share to win the war"'. The 8th DLI were part of the BEF sent to France in 1939. As such they withstood the onslaught of the German Blitzkrieg in May 1940, taking part in the British counter-strike at Arras and the retreat to Dunkirk. They were soon in action again, this time at Gazala in North Africa where they were again attacked by German forces under Rommel. The 8th DLI formed part of the victorious offensive at El Alamein and fought through to the dour slogging match to break the Mareth Line. Subsequently, they took part in the invasion of Sicily; D-Day, and the battles of Gheel and Nijmegen in Holland. This book, as Horrocks says is a 'First class battalion history' written by two former battalion officers. It comes complete with appendices listing Rolls of honour and awards, along with some 20 photographs and fourteen maps.

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