This book provides an introduction into the key topics in the history of computing in an easy-to-follow and concise manner. It covers significant areas and events in the field from the beginnings of computation 3000B.C. through to the present day. Features: Offers detailed information on major figures in computing, such as Boole, Babbage, Shannon , Turing and Von Neumann; Includes a history of programming languages, including syntax and semantics; presents a history of software engineering; Discusses the progress of artificial intelligence, with extension to some of the key disciplines in this field, such as philosophy, psychology, linguistics, neural networks and cybernetic; examines the history of the Internet revolution, World Wide Web and Dot Com Bubble; shows the evolution of a number of technology companies such as IBM, Motorola and Microsoft. Focusing on the fundamental areas in the computing field, this clearly written and broad-ranging text will catch the attention and greatly benefit computer science students.

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