How can one visualize a curve that fills the entire plane or all of space? Can a polyhedron be smoothly turned inside out? What is the projective plane? What does four-dimensional space look like? Can soap bubbles exist that are not spherical? How can one better understand the structure of vortices and currents? In this book you will experience mathematics from the visual point of view, discovering fascinating and never previously published images that offer illustrative examples to the above questions. Every picture is accompanied by a brief explanatory text, references to further reading, and a number of web links where you can obtain further information. This book is intended for all friends of mathematicsstudents, teachers, amateurs, and professionalswho want to see something beyond dry text and endless formulas. It will provide inspiration for pursuing further one or another topic that may previously have seemed inaccessible. You will get to know mathematics from a totally new and colorful viewpoint.

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