A collection of five erotic stories with mixed submission and domination themes.Acting Tough by Landon DixonThis gumshoe needed a case to work, bad. The Depression wasnt just a financial reality any more, it was a state of mind his. Hollywood was still shining bright, buthe was a reel away from fade to black. Until into his mug moseyed Mack Taylor, he-man star of 145 Rancho Pictures westerns. Push quickly came to shove, and big, tough, rugged Mack Taylor went submissive, as compliant as a bridled sheep, gayer than a Busby Berkeley show-stopper. But the film star had a case, and this dick was all over it.Counting to Ten by Elizabeth CageHer master always makes her count when he spanks her, and during this latest punishment, she finds herself reminiscing how things have to come to this. When he first asked to strip in a public car park, she had resisted, but only for as long as it took her to realise shed never been more turned on. Humiliation, pain, total surrender whod have thought all these things could bring so much pleasure?No Reservations by Alana JamesA first-class spanking in standard class...Paul loathes having to sit in standard class on the train, and feels smugly superior to everyone else in the crowded carriage. His journey really heats up, however, when he has an encounter with an older woman in the next seat. When she punishes him for bad behaviour, Paul discovers the pleasure of travelling on the much beaten track.The Best Laid Plans by Alex JordaineJacquis seriously got the hots for Anne, the woman shes temporarily lodging with. Shes resolved to have sex with her before leaving her home even though she knows Annes happily married. Its now or never because Jacquis due to move out tomorrow morning, and she pulls out all the stops to seduce her. But Annes having none of it and punishes Jacqui severely for showing such temerity. Jacquis never experienced such pain. But with the pain comes intense pleasure. She finds herself wanting no, craving more punishment from Anne, who certainly doesnt disappoint.Coated by Kay JaybeeHaunted by an image he saw in a porn film as a teenager, he has been on the hunt to find a woman to help him realise that fantasy ever since. When he encounters the silent woman on the bus, he knows that he has found the perfect partner to fulfil his dream; but what disciplines will he have to endure before she allows him to become fully coated...These stories have also been published in Power Play ISBN 9781907761720 / 9781907761737

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