Praise for Activity–Based Management for Financial Institutions Driving Bottom–Line Results "Brent?s book astutely addresses the common struggles of ABC/M value realization. The issues are seldom the design, but the implementation of ABM and a well–planned organizational change management discipline to drive sustainable change and business benefit. Activity–Based Management for Financial Institutions is a must–read for practitioners trying to maximize the value of ABC/M—regardless of the industry." —Allen Friedman, President, Americas, Celerant Consulting "Activity–Based Management for Financial Institutions puts the emphasis of ABC/M where it belongs—on shareholder value. Brent?s methods for driving change within organizations work. I have personally witnessed millions of dollars in benefits as a result of using the organizational change process detailed in this book. For those people seeking to really make a difference using ABC/M, read this book!" —Jeffrey...

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