Take Advantage of Today's Most Sophisticated Techniquesfor Designing and Simulating Complex CMOS Integrated Circuits!An essential working tool for electronic circuit designers and students alike, Advanced CMOS Cell Design is a practice-based guide to today's most sophisticated design and simulation techniques for CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) integrated circuits.Written by two internationally renowned circuit designers, this outstanding book presents the state-of-the-art techniques required to design and simulate every type of CMOS integrated circuit. The reference contains unsurpassed coverage of deep-submicron to nanoscale technologiesSRAM, DRAM, EEPROM, and Flashdesign of a simple microprocessorconfigurable logic circuitsdata converters input/outputdesign rules and much more. Packed with 100 detailed illustrations, Advanced CMOS Cell Design enables you to:Explore the latest embedded memory architecturesMaster the programming of logic circuitsGet expert guidance on radio frequency (RF) circuit designLearn more about silicon on insulator (SOI) technologiesAcquire a full range of circuit simulation toolsThis Advanced CMOS Circuit Design Toolkit Covers- Deep-Submicron to Nanoscale Technologies SRAM, DRAM, EEPROM, and Flash Design of a Simple Microprocessor Configurable Logic Circuits Radio Frequency (RF) Circuit Design Data Converters Input/Output Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Technologies Impact of Nanotechnologies Design Rules Quick-Reference Sheets

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