The study of surfaces has experienced dramatic growth over the past decade. Now, the editors of the internationally celebrated series Advances in Chemical Physics have brought together in this self-contained, special topic volume contributions from leading researchers in the field treating some of the most crucial aspects of the experimental and theoretical study of surfaces. This work delves into such core issues as:* Kinetics and dynamics of hydrogen adsorption on silicon surfaces.* Potential energy surfaces of transition- metal-catalyzed chemical reactions.* High-resolution helium atom scattering as a proof of surface vibrations.* Ordering and phase transitions in adsorbed monolayers of diatomic molecules.* The influence of dimensionality on static and dynamic properties of a system.* New applications to fields as varied as catalysts and the passage of molecules through membranes.This valuable resource provides important insights into the current state of knowledge about surface properties. Prigogine and Rice's latest work will stimulate the imagination and motivate the exploration of other aspects of this fascinating subject.

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