A Timely Exploration of Multiuser Detection in Wireless NetworksDuring the past decade, the design and development of current and emerging wireless systems have motivated many important advances in multiuser detection. This book fills an important need by providing a comprehensive overview of crucial recent developments that have occurred in this active research area. Each chapter is contributed by noted experts and is meant to serve as a self-contained treatment of the topic. Coverage includes:Linear and decision feedback methodsIterative multiuser detection and decodingMultiuser detection in the presence of channel impairmentsPerformance analysis with random signatures and channelsJoint detection methods for MIMO channelsInterference avoidance methods at the transmitterTransmitter precoding methods for the MIMO downlinkThis book is an ideal entry point for exploring ongoing research in multiuser detection and for learning about the field's existing unsolved problems and issues. It is a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and graduate students who are involved in the area of digital communications.

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