The African Philosophy Reader, Second Edition, is a substantially revised and greatly enhanced collection of writings on African philosophy. Editors P.H. Coetzee and A.P.J. Roux have brought together thirty-seven philosophers, thirty-three of whom are black Africans, representing the most current philosophical discussions on the African continent.While working within categories and using concepts traditionally associated with philosophy such as epistemology, ontology and metaphysics, this pathbreaking work shows how these are being used to deal with the diverse and multinational range of issues and problems facing Africans today: decolonization and globalization; justice and reconciliation; tradition and modernization; politics, race and gender.Introductions to each of the volume's eight sections offer accessible overviews of primary themes, thinkers and theories that will be appreciated by scholars, students and others coming to the study of African philosophy for the first time.This considerably revised second edition of The African Philosophy Reader provides a comprehensive look inside the many debates and issues in philosophy in Africa today.

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