Aids And Infectious Diseases, Proceedings Of The International Seminar On Nuclear War And Planetary Emergencies - 26 Session


Contents:Opening Session (A Zichichi, T D Lee, D R Scott & R G Will)AIDS and Infectious Diseases — Medication or Vaccination for Developing Countries (G Gray, P Van De Perre, G Biberfeld, A A Lindberg, M Klein & G De Thé)Missile Proliferation and Defense (A Piontovsky, G H Canavan, R K Huber & V J Sundaram)Tchernobyl — Mathematics and Democracy (V Kukhar & Z R Rudzikas)Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (D Heim, H Budka & A Smith)Floods and Extreme Weather Events — Coastal Zone Problems (D Scavia, D Dorogan, D Danut, D Boesch & P M Douglas)Science and Technology for Developing Countries (H Alper, G Knies, T J Gilmartin, W A Barletta & D W Mulenex)Water — Transboundary Water Conflicts (A T Wolf, K C Sivaramakrishnan, D S Brookshire, J Chermak & M Ewers)Climatic Changes — Global Monitoring of the Planet (G Marland, T Boden, K Gurney, J Orear, B L Myers, E Teller, C Leith, G Canavan & L Wood)Information Security (A Lehman, A Kroutskikh, D S Chereshkin & T L Thomas)Pollution in the Caspian Sea (I Salihoglu, H Ghaffarzadeh, E Özsoy, I V Mitrofanov, A Vasiliev & R Ajalov)Permament Monitoring Panel Reports (S Sorooshian, R A Clark, G De Thé, J M Greenberg, W F Huebner, A Piontovsky, H Wegener, R C Ragaini, V P Kukhar, G I Palshin, H Schubert & W Sprigg)Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Workshop (P Piccardo, B Ghetti, F Tagliavini, O Bugiani & R G Will)AIDS and Infectious Diseases Workshop (G Biberfeld, A A Lindbergh & S Tlou)Pollution Workshop (R Ragaini, I Salihoglu, H Ghaffarzadeh, L Shabanova, E Özsoy, Y N Zhimbey, I V Mitrofanov, R Ajalov, A Korshenko & A Vasiliev)Readership: AIDS researchers, immunologists, ecologists, meteorologists, physicists and social scientists.

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