The Twelve-Month Mistress Joaquin Alcolar has a rule: never to keep a mistress for more than twelve months! Cassie knows that her time is nearly up, and to save her pride - and her heart - she decides to jump before she's pushed! But then Joaquin has an accident... The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife Ramon Dario desperately wants the Medrano Company. But the deal has an outrageous condition - marriage to the notorious Estrella Medrano! Ramon won't be forced into anything, but a marriage of convenience - and desire - might be a good deal... Bound by Blackmail Jake Taverner has never wanted a woman as he wants Mercedes Alcolar. So when she rejects him, Jake's hurt pride demands revenge! He traps Mercedes into a fake engagement and he embarks on a skilful seduction. She'll share his bed for one passionate month...

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