Child of the storm. Infant of the tempest. Alice, hurled into a world of debauchery, chicanery and deceit, seeks to remedy a troubled mind, a stirred conscience. Confusion reigns as her teenage libido runs amok, the girl panting for the bawdy, ingrained scruples finding the nooks and crannies of restraint. A two week retreat with the judicious Father Cavenny restores weakened levels of faith and self-belief, Alice propped by the clever articulations of the good priest. There in the confines of the bleak convent the young woman gives herself to the ideals, the practices and the theories propagated by a visionary sect. Ready to face life Alice moves on, leaving the tattered wreckage of her mistakes and a disgruntled governor of the Hope. She seeks to make amends with old friends, and face the ghosts that have dusted her past with their overbearing presence. But a mire of doubt and disappointment awaits her...

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