Master Analog Integrated-Circuit DesignDesign, analyze, and build linear low-dropout (LDO) regulator ICs in bipolar, CMOS, and biCMOS semiconductor process technologies. This authoritative guide offers a unique emphasis on embedded LDO design. Through intuitive explanations and detailed illustrations, the book shows how you can put these theories to work creating analog ICs for the latest portable, battery-powered devices.Analog IC Design with Low-Dropout Regulators details the entire product development cycle-from defining objectives and selecting components to blueprinting, assembling, and fine-tuning performance. Work with semiconductors, employ negative feedback, handle fluctuating loads, and embed regulators in ICs. You will also learn how to build prototypes, perform tests, and integrate system-on-chip (SoC) functionality. Discover how to:Design, test, and assemble BJT-, MOSFET-, and JFET-based linear regulatorsUse current mirrors, buffers, amplifiers, and differential pairsIntegrate feedback loops, negative feedback, and control limitsMaintain an independent, stable, noise-free, and predictable output voltage Compensate for low input current and wide voltage swings Optimize accuracy, efficiency, battery life, and integrityImplement overcurrent protection and thermal-shutdown featuresEstablish power and operating limits using characterization techniques

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