The bible of antenna engineering fully updated to provide state-of-the-art coverage in antenna design and applicationsEdited by John L. Volakis, one of the world's leading authorities in antenna engineering, this trusted resource covers all the classic antenna types plus many new types and designs used in communications systems, satellites, radars, and emerging applications from WLAN to automotive systems to biomedical to smart antennas.You will also find expert discussion of topics critical to successful antenna design and engineering, such as measurement techniques and computational methods, a materials guide, wave propagation basics, microwave circuits, and matching techniques, as well as diversity and MIMO propagation models, frequency selective surfaces, and metamaterials. Packed with 1,500 illustrations, the 4th Edition of Antenna Engineering Handbook presents:Step-by-step guidance on most antennas (modern and classic)59 chapters with 21 new chapters and 38 fully updated chapters from the previous editionContributions from over 80 well-known antenna expertsFull-color insert illustrating many commercial and military antennasGet Quick Access to All of Today's Cutting-Edge Antennas Printed and Conformal Antennas Wideband Patch Antennas Wideband Arrays Leaky-Wave Antennas EBG Antennas UWB Antennas and Arrays Portable TV Antennas Reconfigurable Antennas Active Antennas Millimeter Wave and TeraHertz Antennas Fractal Antennas Handset and Terminal Antennas Biomedical Antennas ECM and ESM antennas Dielectric Resonator Antennas Lens Antennas Radiometer Antennas Satellite Antennas Reflector and Earth Station Antennas and Dozens More!

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