Rapid developments in nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory have led to publication of many valuable monographs and books. However, most of these texts are devoted to the classical nonlinear dynamics systems, for example the Duffing or van der Pol oscillators, and either neglect or refer only briefly to systems with motion-dependent discontinuities. In engineering practice a good part of problems is discontinuous in nature, due to either deliberate reasons such as the introduction of working clearance, and/or the finite accuracy of the manufacturing processes.The main objective of this volume is to provide a general methodology for describing, solving and analysing discontinuous systems. It is compiled from the dedicated contributions written by experts in the field of applied nonlinear dynamics and chaos.The main focus is on mechanical engineering problems where clearances, piecewise stiffness, intermittent contact, variable friction or other forms of discontinuity occur. Practical applications include vibration absorbers, percussive drilling of hard materials and dynamics of metal cutting.

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