"No young man believes he shall ever die," observed William Hazlitt. Yet ageing remains a natural part of life and it is precisely the impermanence of life that renders it so precious. Knowing that life is brief requires us to appreciate each moment of beauty and waste no opportunity for learning and love. The Art of Ageing has been written to help us achieve these ends. However, this aim has become much more difficult on account of our culture's marginalisation of the elderly and its glorification of the years of youth. A consequence of this bias is that ageing has become the major fear of a generation - despite the calculation that by 2040 there will be more people over 65 years of age than children under five. The Art of Ageing gives advice on how to make the most of ageing and how we can celebrate its positive gifts. It includes the stories of a variety of people who have enjoyed creative and productive lives well into their eighties and nineties.

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