This is the story of Cockfighting and how it is practised in certain parts of the World where it is still legal. In Britain it has been a forbidden sport for more than 150 years, although it is said that in country parts, that it ceased much later than that time. Many people keep Game Fowl purely for interest and this book is reissued in the hope that many of the sections relating to the history, feeding, conditioning and other aspects of keeping these birds will be of great interest. Contents Include: History Selection of a Strain, Basic Strains, The Hen Breeding and Breeding Systems The House Caring for Brood Fowl Rearing Game Chickens, Stages in the Life History of a Gamecock Dubbing Stags The Farm Walk Coop Walks, Movable and Stationary Getting Ready for Battle Trimming out for Battle Six Good Keeps Conditioning Powders and Drugs Tools of the Trade Gaffs Heeling Cocks for Battle In the Pit Handling and Nursing in the Pit The Referee After the Battle Methods of Conducting Cockfights

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