So much depends on being a lady. A true one knows that thequestion, "How are you today?" isn't an invitation for her to unload the day'sordeals. She knows that her unsolicited opinion of a friend's fuzzy lime greensweater dress isn't necessary, and she certainly knows better than to nag orspout gender clichs when the man in her life refuses to stop and ask fordirections. As a Lady Would Sayis every woman's guide to being delicatein an indelicate world of awkward situations, difficult people, and thornysocial dynamics. Sheryl Shade's clever cataloging of real-world scenarios is ahumorous look at how a lady should respond in any number of life's irksome situations,along with a guide to which words should never leave her mouth. Get ready toquestion your own feminine sensibilities, and examine the way you interact withthe world around you.

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