News:The 2012 Elizabeth Haub Prize for Environmental Law is awarded to Emeritus Professor Koh Kheng-Lian in recognition of her important and pioneering contributions to the development and evolution of environmental law in Singapore and in the whole ASEAN region. Her contributions have been particularly significant in the areas of capacity building and scholarship in the field of ASEAN environmental law.ASEAN Environmental Law, Policy and Governance: Selected Documents, in two volumes, contains a judicious compilation of relevant ASEAN environmental instruments. These documents deal with ASEAN's progressive development of environmental law, policy and governance. Volume I consists of two parts. Part I — “Setting the Stage for ASEAN Environmental Cooperation, Harmonization and Integration” — contains documents which are directly or indirectly related to various aspects of the environment, including their potential impact. The scope of environmental law is wide-ranging and its interrelationship straddles the three mutually reinforcing ASEAN pillars, namely, security, economic and socio-cultural. Part II deals with the “General Legal Frameworks on the Environment”. It is subdivided into (A) Programmes, Strategies, Plans of Action and Blueprints; and (B) Declarations, Resolutions and Accord.The forthcoming Volume II will deal with key sectoral areas including nature conservation and biodiversity; water resources management; animal and human health; climate change and energy; transboundary pollution; and disaster management and emergency response.The book will be of interest to all ASEAN government officials, diplomats and its peoples; ASEAN dialogue partners; entities associated with ASEAN; comparative environmental lawyers and every ASEAN watcher.This book is also available as a set with ASEAN Environmental Law, Policy and Governance (Volume II).An errata to the book is available. Click here to download the pdf.

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