Individuals, teams and organizations make decisions everyday intended to improve performance. But, too often, they rush into finding the solution before defining the problem. This book contains seven self-assessments designed to help you define the issue of "what to accomplish" before deciding "how to accomplish it." Do you feel there is neglect of the strategic planning process in your organization? Is it time to move into E-learning? Does your corporate culture require change? Avoid jumping to conclusions - gather the facts first and be sure you are headed where you want to end up before selecting how to get there. In nine chapters, the authors present seven self-assessments: Strategic Thinking and Planning; Needs Assessment and Your Organization; Corporate Culture and Your Organization; Evaluation and Your Organization; Performance Improvement Competencies; Performance Motivation to Change; Organizational Readiness for E-learning. Each instrument uses a unique dual response - "what is" and "what should be" - format with performance-related questions. The book includes instructions on how to complete the surveys, decide what the results mean and use the results.

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