One of the first comprehensive studies of the social and economic consequences of this chronic pulmonary illness, Asthma's Impact on Society assesses how communities, families, and individuals confront asthma and try to minimize its deleterious effects.Written by over 25 highly esteemed experts, Asthma's Impact on Societydefines the consequences of asthma in a community context, such as allocation of resources determines how insights gained from the social sciences can improve clinical care of asthmatics reviews outcomes, aside from physiological measures, that should be included in assessment of the condition and its treatments calculates the economic burden asthma may contribute to individuals, the health care system, and society in general presents new methods of measuring the impact of asthma on adult and pediatric patients examines the financial burden on business due to absenteeism, hospitalization, and health insurance coverage explains the basic principles of pharmacoeconomics as applied to asthma and more!Representing a multidisciplinary synthesis of the latest research in the field, Asthma's Impact on Society is an indispensable reference for pulmonologists, clinical immunologists and allergists, chest physicians, internists, pediatricians, health policy analysts, health economists, public health officials, pharmacoeconomists, and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students in these disciplines.

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