Know how to put a chill in the airHere at last is a reference manual devoted exclusively to refrigeration, both home and commercial. Beginning with the essential physics and math, it provides a complete course in maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing both new and vintage refrigeration systems for home and light industry. You'll find the answers you need, whether you're a student, apprentice, cost-conscious homeowner, or skilled technician.* Know how different types of refrigerants are used and how to handle them safely* Perform routine maintenance on various types of compressors* Test for leakage and resolve common problems such as freeze-ups* Repair and replace refrigerator cabinet parts* Troubleshoot common problems with home freezers* Understand the working parts of both electrically driven and absorption-type refrigeration units* Learn to troubleshoot and maintain the wide variety of motors used in cooling devices* Service and repair automatic icemakers, water coolers, and display cases

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