The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide is the first comprehensive baby product reference book designed to go to the store with you. Instead of what to buy, Heather Maclean, a mom and founder of the Little Laureate and Baby Gizmo websites, will teach you how to buy more than 400 different types of baby products. Featuring definitions, product history, and key features, this is a real-life, everything-you-need-to-know resource. It includes advice on whether you really need a product, when to buy it, and how long your baby will use it. This guide will help you make the right purchase the first time to match your unique lifestyle and needs. It is designed to help you be a smarter, more efficient baby product shopper-to keep your thoughts and research organized and to get you in and out of the store in record time. The great writing and fun "been there, really do understand what you are going through" tone will make this guide every expectant parent's favorite book.

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