Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House), Retold from the Japanese Originals Tales of the Tokugawa, Volume 2

Beschreibung thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. In 1590 A.D. the Ho[u]jo[u] were overthrown at Odawara by the Taiko[u] Hideyoshi, and the provinces once under their sway were intrusted to his second in command, Tokugawa Iyeyasu. This latter, on removing to the castle of Chiyoda near Edo, at first paid main attention to strengthening his position in the military sense. From his fief in To[u]to[u]mi and Suruga he had brought with him a band of noted captains, devoted to his service through years of hardest warfare. He placed them around his castle ward, from East to South in a great sweeping arc of detached fortresses, extending from Shimo[u]sa province to that of Sagami. Koga was the chief stronghold on the North, against what was left of the Uesugi power. The most devoted of his captains, Honda Tadakatsu, was established at Kawagoe. Odawara, under an O[u]kubo, as always, blocked the way from the Hakone and Ashigara passes. In the hands of Iyeyasu and his captains, the formidable garrison here established was not likely to offer opportunity of a second Odawara conference, during which dalliance with compromise and surrender would bring sudden attack and disaster

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