Four tons of strategically placed high explosive lies waiting... Who will push the button?As Mozambique struggles towards independence, there are many in Africa who would do anything to stop it. Mozambique can't rely on its neighbours for support - Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia under the rule of Ian Smith each have their own agenda. Covertly within Mozambique four tons of explosives are planted, once detonated they will blow Africa's fragile future apart - but who planted them and who will push the button?The stakes are high when Barros, a businessman with his own battles to fight lures a group of South African skydivers to Mozambique to form part of a special mercenary force. Barros's daughter, though, in cahoots with the Communist Chinese, wants to use the skydivers to convince a journalist that South Africa is meddling in the affairs of her neighbours to invoke worldwide outrage. Unwittingly the skydivers become pawns in a deadly game... The Barros Pawns is a twisting, page-turner of a novel about greed and deception.

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