The Control Volume Finite Element Method (CVFEM) is a hybrid numerical method, combining the physics intuition of Control Volume Methods with the geometric flexibility of Finite Element Methods. The concept of this monograph is to introduce a common framework for the CVFEM solution so that it can be applied to both fluid flow and solid mechanics problems. To emphasize the essential ingredients, discussion focuses on the application to problems in two-dimensional domains which are discretized with linear-triangular meshes. This allows for a straightforward provision of the key information required to fully construct working CVFEM solutions of basic fluid flow and solid mechanics problems.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Introduction (64 KB)Contents: Governing EquationsThe Essential Ingredients in a Numerical SolutionControl Volume Finite Element Data StructureControl Volume Finite Element Method (CVFEM) Discretization and SolutionThe Control Volume Finite Difference MethodAnalytical and CVFEM Solutions of Advection-Diffusion EquationsA Plane Stress CVFEM SolutionCVFEM Stream Function-Vorticity Solution for a Lid Driven Cavity FlowNotes Toward the Development of a 3-D CVFEM CodeReadership: Researchers and graduate students in mathematical modeling, numerical & computational mathematics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and engineering mechanics.

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