The recording sessions for Let It Be actually began as rehearsals for a proposed return to live stage work for the Beatles, to be inaugurated in a concert at a Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia. In this thoroughly researched book, Steve Matteo delves deep into the complex history of these sessions. He talks to a number of people who were in the studio with the Beatles, recording the sights and sounds of the band at work - bringing to life a period in the Beatles' career that was creative and chaotic in equal measure. EXCERPT: Listening to that early-morning warm-up provides a keen insight into the evolution of "The Long and Winding Road." The result of Paul's bringing the lyrics through to their final form and playing the song's melody with just the piano is quite beautiful. It's interesting to listen to him seemingly abandon the song for the day to work on "Golden Slumbers" and "Carry That Weight" and then return to it. The sad beauty of the basic melody is touching - and it illustrates why Paul was so perturbed when Phil Spector made the song into a big production in 1970.

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