`Bill Roger's book is as comprehensive as any single book can be, and includes some cracking strategies and ideas. It should be essential reading for all student teachers and learning support staff, and could well be bedtime reading for practising teachers and Headteachers, too' - Times Educational Supplement, Friday Magazine. `Bill Rogers is known to many teachers as 'the man' when it comes to behaviour management in schools. He has now published several books on the subject and is a frequent visitor to the UK where he leads seminars on managing children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. His trainings are entertaining, informative and very practical. I used to rave about them several years ago, and reading this book reminded me why. This is a revised edition of an earlier book which reflects the 'inclusive' approach of Government policy: teachers are now required to teach children whose behaviour in the classroom in previous years would have led quickly to exclusion' - Nurturing Potential. Second Edition of best-seller. Behaviour Recovery from top selling author Bill Rogers. Teachers frequently face the challenge of children with behaviour disorders in their classes. Behaviour Recovery Second Edition gives teachers an educational model for teaching behaviour specifically to those children based on whole-school support. The Second Edition of this well-known book has been revised and updated throughout. New features include : } the practical options and programmes teachers use to address the challenge of children with emotional and behavioural disorders. } attention deficit disorder (ADD), particularly with older primary and lower-secondary age children. } issues relating to task avoidance, task-focus and organization. } discipline and behaviour management in an expanded form. } photocopiable masters in the Appendix. Behaviour Recovery Second Edition develops a structured approach that enables students to develop positive behaviours. Bill Rogers' inclusion of real school experiences - both his own and others - makes the book informative, practical and easy to follow. Visit Bill Rogers' website : here

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