Lower your cholesterol. Reinvigorate your sex life. Pay off your credit cards. You can have all the things you want if you take life one day at a time! In Best You Ever, you'll find daily, expert advice you need to be your very best self. Each day's entry offers tips, tricks, and tried-and-true tactics for a different aspect of your life, such as: Monday--Only Use Cash or Checks to Make Sure You Save Money; Tuesday--Create a Happiness Blog to Record Life's Best Moments; Wednesday--Eat Folic Acid to Be Thinner; Thursday--Try Sage and Lemon Balm to Improve Your Memory; Friday--Pile on the Garlic to Fight Aging; Saturday--To Spice Things Up, Create Your Arousal Map; Sunday--Tune Up Your Chakras to Relax. Take control and transform yourself!

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