Foolishly, Hugh Franklin and his family burned down his factory to claim the insurance money ... foolish, because a disgruntled employee happened to be there and photographed them setting light to the buildings. The price of silence is very high indeed: Hugh has to give himself up to the police and his wife and lovely daughter have to visit the blackmailer every week, carrying AGBP500 each as payment, and surrender themselves to him and his family for the whole day. Humiliated, taunted, abused, degraded and disciplined, Hugh's wife and daughter are displayed before friends and neighbours, kept captive in a dark cellar and tormented almost beyond belief by the gleeful blackmailers who know they are on to a good thing! The order to make a run to France to bring back a load of drink is the final straw - especially when they are waylaid by other, even more sadistic and fiendish captors!

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