Stimulating and intelligent Yoshi OidaSeventy percent of everyday conversation is conveyed through bodylanguage, twenty percent is the voice and only ten percent is themeaning of the words. In The Body Speaks, expert RADA trainerLorna Marshall, shows how to recognise and lose unwanted physicalinhibitions that our background, education or family have taught us andpresents a fundamental re-thinking of our relationship to the body andits role in performance.Good performers - be they trapeze artists, Shakespearean actors,Butoh dancers or film stars - are able to fully reach their audienceand engage with them because they have learnt to use their bodies toits best effect. Through a series of practical exercises, LornaMarshall encourages us to unleash our potential, discover newpossibility for the body and express ourselves more clearly. This newedition has been fully revised to include the latest thinking on thesubject and more exercises particularly for performers in TV and film.

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