Intense passion that money can't buy... Virgin Bought and Paid For Robyn Donald Penniless Fleur Lyttelton has no idea why enigmatic Luke is being so nice to her; they are worlds apart. Fleur's sure she'll never be able to repay Luke's kindness...until he makes her an offer she can't refuse...and she realises that her virginity is his price! Bought for Her Baby Melanie Milburne Charlotte has never forgotten the heartbreak Greek billionaire Damon caused her. But how much longer can she keep their child a secret? When Damon discovers he's a dad, he has a proposition for her. He paid for a mistress, but he's now claiming a wife! Sold to the Highest Bidder! Kate Hardy When high-flying businessman Jack wants something, he always gets it. He's made a bid for Alicia's house - and her body. But it's a temporary, no-strings offer. He is the sexiest, wickedest man...and her forgotten desire for sex has come back!

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