Champion brands make compelling promises to the market. They also develop and sustain an engaging internal culture where employees keep those promises. You simply don't get one without the other. Employees are the brand custodians. It's an often forgotten point but their engagement with the brand is actually discretionary. It can't be forced or faked. Even though the fate of all brands undoubtedly rests upon the relationship between the organization and its employees, it's puzzling that employee engagement with the brand isn't always prioritized. This engaging new book showcases a select sample of individuals within businesses who are clearly the beating pulse of the organizations they work for, the people who nurture and sustain brands and bring them to life through their everyday actions. It reveals what makes them unique and the role their leaders play in cultivating and sustaining their behavior. Brand Champions, the sequel to Brand Engagement, is a showcase of international stories taken from across industries which illustrate the link between employees and brand. It includes best practice stories detailing the everyday realities of brand champions at work. From board members through to shop floor workers it argues that all types of human interactions at work are very important in maintaining the supply chain, the critical link between the brand espoused and the brand in practice. It's a must read for the traditional promise-making communities within marketing departments as well as others who are just as important to the brand development effort, whether they realize it or not.

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