Andy McQuade was just twelve years old when he plunged an axe into the head of his father. After suffering years of sadistic abuse at his hands, and watching his mother slowly lose the will to live, it seemed his only option. However, his father survived the attack, dying several years later, a shadow of his former self, leaving his son to live with the overwhelming guilt of his actions. At sixteen, Andy ran away from home and moved to London, where he lived as a near-derelict, became addicted to drugs, and worked as a dealer. At seventeen, he overdosed on heroin and 'technically' died, coming round three days later in a filthy bedsit. Realizing that it was time for a change, he made the decision to turn his life around. From these traumatic beginnings Andy has become a successful actor and director. Breaking the Chain is the story of his incredible journey encompassing abuse and revenge, and of his struggle for redemption.

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