The idyllic world of the former Princess Corinna and her beloved master, the mercenary Lord Savatch, is shattered when he is struck down by a mystery archer and lies near to death. Fearing the hand of the evil Lord Fulgrim, the malignant mastermind behind Corinna's abduction two years before, Savatch begs Corinna to flee and seek sanctuary with his most trusted friend, the amazon Yslander and warrior princess, Alanna. But Alanna and her band of female assassins are half a continent away, engaged on another quest for riches. Corinna's only hope is to find the trusted and fearsome Agana. But Agana is already dead, evilly slain by Fulgrim, and Corinna once again finds herself a prisoner. Harnessed as a ponygirl, whipped, and driven by fear and pain, she is reduced to a life of toil in a land where even the luckiest women are mere sexual toys in the hands of their masters.

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