A guide to fixing the economy by helping our small businessesAs Americans work through the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression, policymakers routinely speak out about the importance of small businesses to the ongoing recovery effort. They are right. Creating jobs in our small businesses is essential for reducing the unemployment rate, but the very policies and programs that the government is putting in place to allegedly help have proved useless. Broke America provides a solid understanding of what the small business sector is and what policies should be implemented by all levels of government to restore health and vitality to the "R&D" sector of the U.S. economy.Together, bestselling author John Mauldin and renowned small business expert William Dunkelberg explain exactly what the government should do to ensure economic growth by helping small business owners. Until the government can successfully manage its own business responsibilities, small businesses and the private sector will continue to struggle, and this book shows just what needs to be done.Offers practical advice on how to get the economy back on track by helping small businessesContends that small businesses are at the heart of the American economy, and that efforts to help them thrive have fallen shortWritten by two acclaimed experts, author John Mauldin and small business guru William DunkelbergHelping small businesses is essential for getting America back to work. Broke America shows how.

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