Create the furniture of your dreams! There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of crafting a gorgeous piece of furniture, one that stands the test of time with elegance and style. And it doesn't take years of woodworking experience to create such fine pieces either - just the right instruction from a good teacher. You'll find both in Building Fine Furniture. Inside, master craftsman Glen Huey shows you how to make dressers, tables, cabinets and more - start to finish! Easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photos ensure gorgeous results, no matter what your level of experience. You'll also find guidelines for choosing woods and veneers, plus tips on joinery and more. Glen provides a "walk through the centuries" with 12 exciting projects, including: 18th-century hanging cupboard Shaker small chest of drawers Jewelry chest Slant-lid desk on frame Diminutive dish cupboard Federal inlaid table Marble-top Art Deco table Elegant CD cabinet Slat-back side chair Barber's-pole bed Deskey sideboard Krenov-inspired wine cabinet

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