Today the challenge for competitive success is to tap into and leverage under-exploited pockets of knowledge and expertise that are dispersed throughout the world. That's the new reality facing multinational enterprises in industries as diverse as automobiles, chemicals, food products, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors. With this imperative comes the realization that companies need top-level executives who can think and act in new and multi-faceted ways. Building Global Mindsets argues that today's multinational enterprises are headed for trouble unless their top-level executives manage to pay the appropriate amount of attention to what is happening in the farther corners of the business world. With trillions of internal company documents circulating in corporate offices everyday, it's easy to lose sight of priorities by concentrating on the wrong signals. Drawing from compelling research, the author describes the attention practices of 136 global firms, thereby shedding new light on the relationship between global mindsets and overall company performance.

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