Bush and "Yoga" might seem like two words that don't go together but think again. Believe it or not, our 43rd President has tapped into the fountainhead of compassion and wisdom that comes from one of the world's most ancient practices. Bush Yoga offers a rare glimpse into the private, spiritual life of the world's most powerful man. As you walk along the path with George W, you will be privy to never-before-heard stories from his personal life that offer keen insight into his character. Think of it as a Bhagavadgiitaa according to George W. Bush: A book packed with stunning political positions and the wisdom of the ages. Daniel Cota is an artist/entrepreneur whose collection of websites currently draw about 500,000 visitors a year. His most recent project, an experiment in collaborative art, can be found at He is currently planning on constructing the world's largest software company, and can sometimes be found playing his self-constructed classical guitar in San Francisco's BART stations.

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