Prime brokerage is booming .As their hedge fund clients cast their net over a wider geographical area in search of superior returns by opening offices in new territories , prime brokers are forced to broaden their service offerings. At the same time, the battle for talent is intensifying among the top firms. "Business Knowledge for IT in Prime Brokerage" provides the platform for IT professionals to grasp the concepts of prime brokerage from both a business and an IT perspective and to snap up some of plum roles in the prime brokerage arena. The chapters in this book cover the following topics: overview of the Private Brokerage business; the relationship between Hedge Funds and Prime Brokers; core service offerings of Prime Brokerage; fee structures in Prime Brokerage; technology used in Prime Brokerage; and, the future of Prime Brokerage, and much more.Contributors to this book include Ann Logue (author of "Hedge Fund for Dummies"), Paladyne Systems, Sungard and more.

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