This Wrox Blox is a value-packed resource to help experienced .NET developers learn the new .NET release. It is excerpted from the Wrox books: Professional C# 4 and .NET 4, Professional ASP.NET 4, and WPF Programmers Reference by Christian Nagel, Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman, and Rod Stephens, and includes more than 100 print book pages drawn from these three key titles. It is an excellent resource to help .NET developers get up to speed fast on .NET 4, C# 4.0, ASP.NET 4, and WPF, providing all the information needed to program with the important new features, including: C# Dynamic Types and Parallel Tasks; ASP.NET Ajax, Chart Controls, MVC, and Object Caching; and key WPF principles as developers move from WinForms to WPF. In addition, it provides examples built with the native Visual Studio 2010 tools that developers are comfortable with.Table of ContentsPart I: Professional C# 4 and .NET 4Covariance and Contra-varianceCovariance with Generic InterfacesContra-Variance with Generic InterfacesTuplesThe Dynamic TypeDynamic Behind the ScenesCode ContractsPreconditionsPostconditionsInvariantsContracts for InterfacesTasksStarting TasksContinuation TasksTask HierarchiesResults from TasksParallel ClassLooping with the Parallel.For MethodLooping with the Parallel.ForEach MethodInvoking Multiple Methods with the Parallel.Invoke MethodCancellation FrameworkCancellation of Parallel.ForCancellation of TasksTaskbar and Jump ListPart II: Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VBChart Server ControlASP.NET AJAX Control ToolkitDownloading and Installing the AJAX Control ToolkitColorPickerExtenderExtending .NET 4s New Object Caching OptionHistorical Debugging with IntelliTraceDebugging Multiple ThreadsASP.NET MVCDefining Model-View-ControllerMVC on the Web TodayModel-View-Controller and ASP.NETUsing WCF Data ServicesCreating Your First ServiceAdding Your Entity Data ModelCreating the ServiceBuilding an ASP.NET Web PackagePart III: WPF Programmers ReferenceCode-behind FilesExample CodeEvent Name AttributeResourceDefining ResourceMerged Resource DictionariesStyles and Property TriggerSimplifying PropertiesUnnamed StylesTriggersIsMouseOver TriggersSetting OpacityEvent Triggers and AnimationEvent TriggersStoryboardsMedia and Timelines 85TemplatesTemplate OverviewContentPresenterTemplate BindingTemplate EventsGlass ButtonResearching Control TemplateSkinsResource SkinsAnimated SkinsDynamically Loaded SkinsPrinting Visual ObjectsPrinting Code-Generated OutputData BindingBinding BasicsListBox and ComboBox TemplatesBinding Database ObjectsTransformationsEffectsDocumentsFixed DocumentsFlow DocumentsThree-Dimensional DrawingBasic StructureLightingMaterialsBuilding Complex Scenes

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