Canaries - A Complete and Practical Guide to the Breeding, Exhibiting and General Management of these Popular Birds


Canary breeding is a hugely popular hobby, and one that surpasses most hobbies, in that the amateur can very quickly, with knowledge and experience, excel as a breeder and exhibitor of the different varieties known to the canary fancy. This is a highly detailed and comprehensive guide to breeding and showing canaries, complete with a wealth of illustrations.Contents Include: Canary Keeping as a Hobby Aviaries, Cages and Fittings Breeding and General Management Moulting and Colour Feeding Diseases and Their Treatment Seeds and Their Uses Exhibiting The Belgian The Scots Fancy The Yorkshire The Lancashire The Dutch Frill The Crested Norwich The Norwich Plainhead The Lizard The Cinnamon The Border Fancy The London Fancy The Roller Fancy Lesser-Known Varieties Keywords: Canary Breeding Scots Fancy Norwich Moulting Aviaries Frill Canaries Exhibitor Comprehensive Guide Lancashire Lizard Cinnamon Yorkshire Illustrations Seeds Diseases

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