Your Digital Rebel XSi/450D, with its 12.2 megapixel resolution, 3-inch view screen, and the option for "Live View" shooting, is designed for simplicity without sacrificing creative freedom. This guide is ideal for helping you use that creative control and get great shots anywhere, anytime. If youre new to dSLRs, it makes the transition easy. If youre already comfortable with the various modes and settings, the book helps you make the most of every one.Set up your camera and learn when to choose automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modesUnderstand the camera's controls, menus, and when to use different metering and autofocus modesExplore Canon Picture Styles and custom functionsLearn to manipulate ISO, exposure, depth of field, and shutter speedCreate intriguing night and low-light images, capture sports action, portraits, and get tips for better macro photography

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