This volume covers all aspects of carbon and oxide based nanostructured materials. The topics include synthesis, characterization and application of carbon-based namely carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibres, fullerenes, carbon filled composites etc. In addition, metal oxides namely, ZnO, TiO2, Fe2O3, ferrites, garnets etc., for various applications like sensors, solar cells, transformers, antennas, catalysts, batteries, lubricants, are presented. The book also includes the modeling of oxide and carbon based nanomaterials.The book covers the topics:Synthesis, characterization and application of carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibres, fullerenesSynthesis, characterization and application of oxide based nanomaterials.Nanostructured magnetic and electric materials and their applications.Nanostructured materials for petro-chemical industry.Oxide and carbon based thin films for electronics and sustainable energy.Theory, calculations and modeling of nanostructured materials.

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