Many nonprofits rely on conventional methods of making and managing moneyfrom donations to cash reserves, endowments, and capital building campaignsin hopes of securing financial stability for the future. Yet these acquired funds often remain tantalizingly out of reach for day-to-day operations; the balance sheet may look good, but the actual cash available is often surprisingly low.In order to achieve their missions, nonprofits need to fundamentally change the way they think about money. Richard and Anna Linzer introduce a groundbreaking approach to nonprofit financial management based on cash flow and the use of credit that gives nonprofits the money they need, when they need it while ensuring the long-term financial well-being of the organization. Their revolutionary and effective financial model is explained in clear and understandable terms for decision makers in both large and small nonprofit organizations."The Linzers are revolutionaries in the nonprofit financial world and leaders should take notice!"--Martha J. Perry, associate executive director, McCune Foundation"A great book for any board member of a nonprofit organization."--Michael Schlesinger, attorney, author, lecturer, and commentator in the field of taxation"Nonprofits now have a choice: Muddle along from crisis to crisis or follow the advice in this excellent, innovative book."--Irene Y. Namkung, past board president, the Western Arts Alliance, Northwest Folklife, and Oregon Potters' Guild"It's heresy, but it works. The Cash Flow Solution presents solid steps to financial sanity in the nonprofit boardroom."--James A. Kolb, West Sound Academy"From time to time a book makes so much sense you wonder why someone did not write it a long time ago. Richard and Anna Linzer's book "The Cash Flow Solution" is such a book. The principles are as fundamental and rock-solid as they are innovative. Applying their suggestions could help many troubled organizations survive and thrive. More importantly, the Linzers' insight could lead many nonprofits in coming closer to

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