After five years of skyrocketing real estate prices, fueled by low interest rates, aggressive lenders, and relative economic prosperity, something has to give. Thanks to nonstop recent press coverage of America's overheated housing market, you are probably wary of buying your next property at the top of the market. So what should you do?Whether you're an individual investor or a homeowner, Cash In on the Coming Real Estate Crash shows you how to gauge the risk of a housing bust in your own local market. More importantly, it shows you how to hedge against a crash and position yourself to profit if the bubble bursts. Critical advice covers:* Identifying signs of an impending collapse* Balancing your real estate portfolio so a crash doesn't wipe you out* Conservative financing strategies* Developing a vision for value in any market* Buying low after the bubble bursts* Knowing when to sell* And many more strategies for making money when the real estate market collapsesPeppered with true stories of how homeowners, small investors, and bona? fide real estate tycoons handled and mishandled past crashes, Cash In on the Coming Real Estate Crash is the resource you need to prepare for the comingdownturn, weather the storm, and emerge on the other side stronger than ever.

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