How, given the chance, would you market planet Earth as the ultimate tourist destination?Fysh Reynolds, 25-year-old MBA grad and internet superstar, must answer this question when his part-time job playing Ronald McDonald at kids' birthday parties thrusts him into an unexpected position of power.When aliens land on Earth, they mistake the golden arches to be our most prolific centre of authority and assume Fysh dressed as Ronald to be leader of the free world. The aliens' mission: to establish Earth as a premium travel destination for intergalactic tourists.Fysh, a gen Y marketing prodigy, is charged with creating the most powerful brand in the universe: Brand Earth. This fun, quirky and irreverent business fable unravels the mystery of why some brands have the power to inspire deep and primal emotions in consumers that make products legendary and their developers filthy rich. CEO of Earth is a blueprint for marketers who want to engage the philosophies that have propelled the world's most celebrated brands to greatness.

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