Continuous change is a given for almost any organization. Yet how employees respond to change differs widely. Focusing on the needs of different personalities in times of change, as understood through the lens of MBTI(R) type, this book provides managers and executives with the strategies necessary for leading their employees through successful transitions. Showing how change creates a range of responses in people, the authors give practical tips to help employees move forward. They offer productive new behaviors for individuals and institutions and supply models for change based on the personalities of the people and the type of organization. Contents Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part 1: Laying the Groundwork: Frameworks for Understanding 1 The Pioneer Journey: A Context for Dealing with Organizational Change 2 Understanding Differences: Psychological Type and Change Part 2: Starting Off: The Impacts of Change Decisions 3 The Decision to Go: Impacts of Imposed Change 4 Leaving Home: The Losses Involved in Organizational Change 5 Preparing for the Journey: Planning for Organizational Change Part 3: On the Trail: Stages of Organizational Transition 6 On the Plains: The Confusions and Unexpected Challenges of Transition Periods 7 The Rocky Mountains: The Loss of Identity 8 In the Desert: The Loss of Meaning Part 4: The Journey Is Not Over: Continuing Changes and Challenges 9 Is This Oregon? Productive New Behaviors for Organizations and People Epilogue Appendix Notes References Index

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