The chief has arranged for Beth, an aid worker offering her services to a poor African country, to be kidnapped and trained as a sex slave. While he is busy playing with his new acquisition, Kristin, Emily and Sara, afloat in a lifeboat, also end up on the shores of the chief's kingdom. Emily and Sara are captured by his soldiers and gang raped before ending up in the cellars, there to be trained through starvation, pain and considerable abuse to beg for and delight in sex with him. They are turned into nothing more than nymphomaniacs, with no role in life but to please their new master. The chief stages special lesbian demonstrations, using the already trained Beth to perform with the new girls, to the intense humiliation of them all. Kristin, meantime, has her own ordeals to live through, multiple rape and the insertion of a water melon into her body, to produce a special elixir ...

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